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Militari Collective Housing

3rd Year Studio Project

The theme of the project was to conceive a housing development on the site of a former textile industry infrastructure.

The context is characterized, as the entire city of Bucharest is, by urban texture diversity. The whole surrounding area is populated with different urban models which were applied and built in different periods of time. The site is situated near different urban typologies, from the urban developments during the communist period known as „micro-rayons“, to the 18th and 19th century low heights, dense and fragmented urban texture.

The green element is present in high proportion, which makes in the context of Bucharest an element of specificity. The open blocks typologies of the „Militari District“ generates the second element of development.

My study was focused on working with the concepts of „ilot ouvert“ and „the courtyard block“. Than conceving an ensemble based on one of those two mentioned typologies, I‘ve tried somehow to mixt the typologies into one hybrid urban layout.

The composition resulted is based on a grid layout applied over the entire urban island that creates two different public spaces; one urban vestibule - a big public plaza and a private community park which supports diverse community activities.

The result was a mixed-use development with living as primary function, along with an office tower, kindergarten, street commercial spaces, an outside sports field and a hybrid community facility which sustains a library, a wellness center and a restaurant.

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